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JA Prime Development Corporation is made up of dedicated team members possessing individual track records for providing exemplary work experiences performed for top clients in the business and hospitality sectors like five-star hotels and resorts, shopping malls, palaces, airports, high-end mixed use commercial and residential properties based in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Collectively their individual work performances summed up in addition with technical knowhow of the local market can attest to the Team’s performance on delivering top of the line quality workmanship.

Years of Technical and Operational Experience
Projects Performed for Top Clients in the Business and Hospitality Sectors
  • With over 15 years of Technical and Operational Experience

    With rigid trainings and seminars, including the length of experiences the team possesses, the company was also able to create a subsidiary unit where specialized processes and procedures in the areas of stone and glass restoration service are offered.

  • Solving Complex Problems with the Help of Experts

    Stone and Glass Restoration is considered to be a delicate service not many contractors would not want to delve into due to complexity of work standard. Today this unit of JA Prime Corporation remains to be one of the most preferred companies chosen by top end developers in the Philippines to work on their prestigious projects and towers.

  • Trusted by major contracting and construction companies in the Philippines

    Additionally, the ample knowledge and extensive experiences of JA Prime Development Corporation in the industry of glass and stone restoration has provided JA Prime Development Corporation a trusted platform in the market to pursue and establish this new venture. With these tenets, our clients are guaranteed the highest level of quality workmanship in every undertaking we provide.


Preferred by Top End Developers

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